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Pro-Composites, Inc. is the manufacturer of the Personal Cruiser Kit aircraft and supplier of parts and plans for the Vision and Freedom Aircraft.


Personal Cruiser - A sporty single place designed for fun and fuel efficient flight. It is not an LSA but can be tailored to be flown in the LSA category.


Vision SP - sport aircraft, acrobatic capable

Vision EX - more useful load

Vision LSA - It's plans built - so you can built it to meet the specifications of LSA and fly on a Sport Pilots license.


Freedom - A 4 place that uses proven construction methods and is still in prototype stage.


Each of these aircraft may feature the “Fold-a-Plane” method of construction for the fuselage.  It is a practical method of composite construction that blends molded like smooth exteriors with the benefits of scratch build-as-you-want-it flexibility. This method greatly reduces construction time.


There are various methods and materials used in building aircraft today.  The major benefit of these aircraft is that is that they are all composite construction. 


Why is "ALL Composite" important?  Fewer materials to care for.  All materials are affected in some way by environmental factors such as humidity, temperature and exposure to UV radiation.   Fewer materials means less to worry about and easier maintenance in the long run.   Metal parts need corrosion protection.  Hidden wood frames need to be sealed, and are difficult to inspect.  Composite construction - needs UV protection on the exterior - easy to inspect and easy to maintain. 


A composite structure makes the use of two or more different substances with varying structural properties and combines them to make a structure that is tailored to meet the structural requirements of the designer.  With composite construction a synergy of each individual property occurs and if done correctly - lighter and stronger structures are created. 


If you are interested in this fascinating construction process then order a set of plans or a kit and get started today!


Home building aircraft is a hobby that will challenge you with learning a new skill, aeronautics and physics (in layman's terms) and eventually the joy of flying something you built.  It is not easy but with diligence and a willingness to learn you can complete any of these composite aircraft from your own garage or hanger.  Are you ready to take up the challenge?




Personal Cruiser


Vision Aircraft


Freedom Aircraft