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Kit Aircraft



The Personal Cruiser is a truly affordable new single place "full sized" aircraft.  With a generous 29" wide cabin, it will accommodate pilots of all sizes. 


This sleek and efficient design is now approaching 50 mpg.  With a few extra aerodynamic improvements it will surpass the proven economy cruise of 116 mph at 2.5 gallons per hour. 


The latest home-building composite methods are used in construction which greatly reduce building time. A new method we call the Fold-a-plane technique reduces finishing work as the fuselage is shipped as flat panels that are later joined and "folded" to create the fuselage and turtle deck. 


The Personal Cruiser currently uses the proven Corvair automotive engine converted for aircraft use by www.flycorvair.com.  The Personal Cruiser is specifically designed for an installed engine weight of up to 250lbs and from 65-115 hp making it suitable for many alternative engines available today.


The plane can be built easily in one stall of a garage - with final assembly at the airport.


The airframe kit price is $9,910.  In the air complete from $18k to $25k.


View the this intro Video:

 Cruiser Kit "A" Assembly Intro Video




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