Vision #001 Visit
Steve Rahm is the designer of the Vision.  On December 4-5th, 2001  I flew to Daytona from Chicago and met with him to check out his plane and talk about the 4-place Vision.  The  Vision proto-type after having flown successfully with conventional landing gear is in the process of a few upgrades. The new tricycle landing gear is in place - converting from a tail dragger to a tri-gear.  Also the new engine mount and cowling are coming together.  It was great meeting with Steve and picking his brain and bouncing ideas off him on the 4-place.
Chicago skyline just forward of my leading edge. I was give clearance right over top of O'Hare.
Steve Rahm - Vision Designer
Beefy landing gear
Nose gear
Exhaust vent 
Fresh air inlet - possible

Possible venting fan; Placed bulkhead - major air movement.

Tail cone 
New cowling faired in.
Canopy on.
Engine Mount
Elevator trim & fairing
Wing fillet details
Aluminum screen mesh that forms easily and provides nice  temporary backing for compound curves.  It is usually sold as gratin to be used over a roof rain gutter.  I used this successfully in creating my wing fillets 5 years later.