Horizontal Stabilizer Assembly
Used a plotter to cut/draw rib patterns from paint mask 
Made holders true and clamped in place.
Time for the evaluation  photo.
Panels laid up w/glass, arced at edge.
Rib Sander
SFT's in place, w/homemade clamps.
A view from the back before glassing.
All SFT's in place, time to add glass.
Top flanges trimmed.
Top side flanges done & trimmed & temporary center brace.
Bottom Flanges complete.  Top flanges scuffed for top skins.
Top skins bonded
Post Cured skins,
Bottom skins prepped.
Bottom skins bonded.
HS flipped for rear spar prep.
Spar forms in place.
Ready for the multiple BID lay-ups and hinge pad reinforcements.
Glassing top
Glassing Bottom.
Leading edge glass.

In hindsight should have used peel ply for top, bottom and leading edge.

Temporary post curing oven.

Made an A frame oven with Celotex and aluminum duct tape.

Note on the heater.  An appliance parts outlet has hi-temp breakers (normally used for clothes dryers) for 170 degrees.  I will probably add one for a measure of safety later.

This is my new heating source.  I opened up the unit and removed the hi-temp override and slightly bent the thermostat contact plates so it wouldn't kick off until reaching a higher temp. 

CAUTION!!!.  By removing the override breaker, the heater will continue to heat - most likely beyond the plastic housing melting point. (I did get it soft once) Use extreme caution and monitor it closely.

I tested the heater in a large card board box to get an approximate thermostat range. I worked well.