Controls - Fabrication
Finally a matching left and right stick.  The Gen X 500L.

Not sure if I'll use these or just dupe them in wood. They do feel nice and were inexpensive.

This is the Gen X 500 for the right.

Side sticks coming together.


New rudder pedals mounted.  These are about six inches wider than the plans, since the seats are sitting in a 46" fuselage vs. a 40" 
 Rudder pedals installed.  Used ACE Harware #193 stainless steel springs. 
 Cables attached, trim pulleys in and attached to trim.
Trim idler and MAC servo installed.  The upper nose gear reinforcement will not be used for the gear so it made a nice ledge to hang the trim servo.
Rudder cables swaged. (Temporarily installed to rudder control horn)
Side sticks beginning to take shape. Front nylon bushing mounted and supports.
Close up of stick.
Side bellcranks mounted.
Rear cross tube installed and side pushrods.
Left side aileron bellcranks installed.
Right side aileron bellcranks installed.
Overview of cross tube. Second main elevator push tube installed.
Pattern for cover made with Celotex.  It is easy to cut and holds a bend nicely or "fold-a-plane" patterns if the black backing is removed..
From the bellcranks inside the fuselage the push tubes extend through the stub wing.
Idler at the end of the stub wing.
Push tube passed near the gear leg.
Dog legs out the end.
I made up a drawing and sent it to my brother in-law Kirk Huizenga who has access to a small CNC.  What a cool throttle quadrant.  Throttle, Prop, Waste gate and Cowl flaps.

I hope I can use it.