Radiators & Plenums

I have decided to use two wing radiators.  About a third of the radiator height will be below the wing.  The rest of the radiator will be behind the main spar tucked inside he wing.  My cowling is just too small to support the amount of cooling I will need.  This will be very similar to the "Spitfire" though will not stick out nearly as much.  I'll use adjustable exits.

To begin. Made up a hotwire frame and foam holder.  I used an old computer power supply (the 12v outputs)  and an 18" length of ni-chrome wire.  These templates were made from luan.  The 2" inch foam is from Home Depot.  The shape and design parameters were taken from: Cooling Systems 2.  The inner rectangle foam is about the size the radiator. Duct tape was used as a release agent.  I hand sanded the edges before taping.  This is the outlet side.

Inlet side. Glassed, slits in the sides to pull the molds out.  These make the inner skins of the plenum.

Two part foam, the usual mess, but I'm getting better a containing the ooze. Here is the front plenum with the outer foam shaped.  The orbital sander cuts it pretty quick.  I had to ruin the inside form, so I made another one for the other side.  MEK dissolved the pink foam pretty easily, though straight Xylene would probably work better Back half made with movable opening.
Since I couldn't save the first set of foam plugs (They where stuck once glassed),  I made a second set, added a 1 BID skin and then dissolved the pink foam with xylene. Used another 32oz of two-part urethane foam to make the 2nd plenum. 4 BID flange inside.  Nut plates added to assemble the two halves.
Plenum fitted. Looks like it will work.  
Well no turning back now.  The plenum is in.  
Radiator fitted, aluminum line being fitted.  The lines attached to the radiator are 1".  I'll be using MIL-6000 hose to connect to the aluminum tubing in the plane. Using 1/2" conduit as a pattern.  A lot cheaper to mess up on than the 1" aluminum - I did that once already.