Firewall Forward

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0 miles 3.3L SVX from Stratus.  This was an extra sitting around.

It will be looking like this soon.

Bud Clarke at Air-Ryer is rebuilding another twin-turbo for my project.

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Bottom of cowling made by Dave Cress for me. 

Top of cowling. This is from the original mold from Steve Rahm. It was decided a new cowling with cleaner lines will be used.

 Engine mount taking shape. Using a dynafocal ring.

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Spent a couple days at Air-Ryder working/watching the work on the engine.

Engine is in the proto type stage.  Computer initially set-up,  engine runs smooth.

Still lots of work to run permanent fuel and water lines. Temporary lines run for testing.
New plug for cowling molds.  Bottom complete Top complete and wetsanded, buffed, waxed and ready to go.
Bottom cowling done and trial fitting. Top pulled from mold.  Looks good.