Flaps, Page 3,  (click on image to enlarge)

Outer flap hinge Middle Flap hinge. Inner flap hinge.
Underside, flap hinges. Trimmed top of rear spar and prepped for hinges. Hinge lay-ups on left side.
Hinges strengthened with carbon fiber. Control horn added to flap. Flap gap filling began.
Ugly. - foaming flap gap. Sanded out. Not bad. Wing tip on, flap gap l ready for glass.
Began the flap gap lay up.  16 mil plastic spacer. Foam cove ready. Peel-ply and top and bottom and lots of micro and squeeze together.
A little support to the bottom. Micro'd part of the wing tips and landing light areas, to prep for smoothing and eventual molds for plexi-glass cut outs. Flaps working. Flap Movie