Wings - Closing Prep

The 2 3/8" cardboard tube should make a good form. This will go through the rear fuel bays. Take your kid to work day! Good help making flange forms.
    Rear flanges on.
Shaved off the back of the ribs to slope to the spar.  This will be filled later from the top. Experimented with 1/2" pink insulation foam for the flanges, much cheaper to. Also comes with a release film.  I cut these with a table saw.  The underside film was intact and did not lift at the edges. Aluminum tape, and CA worked well. The CA accelerator will soften the pink foam so it was used sparingly.
Flanges turn out well. All trimmed up.
Tube temporarily in place for fitting. Working on the left wing.  The pink foam works great. Aft flanges - going quick.
Marked for trimming. Trimmed and ready to begin fuel, control and electrical systems. Rear partition for fuel bay.
Aileron bellcranks and brackets made. Testing out the geometry. Pass-through for fuel under the spar and between ribs.
Main spar "nut-plate." Foam cover plate for spar nut-plate. Glassed.
Extending the fuel pass-through for adding a slosh gate. A slosh gate will be riveted to this later. Aileron tube pass-through is enclosed through aft fuel bays.
Inlets, and outlets and drains put in. Vent tube to the end ribs in. Fuel Sender location, with bond in nut-plate ring.
Location of fuel sender. All fuel bays coated with sealer. Slosh gates installed.
Slosh gate with stop.  I will be removing the wings, and flipping them to finish the bottoms,  I didn't want the gates to get stuck open. Another slosh gate. Simple fuel sender.
Fuel sender, near root rib.