Wings - Closing

Fuel sender, near root rib. First fuel bay top skin on.  Eleven more to go. Top skins on and filled.
Final fuel bay closed. Pressure tested. A good step, fixed a couple gaps in the top skins and will need to address a small leak at the fuel sender. "S" conduit for electrical.
Holes for electrical runs. More holes.
  Ailerons in primer. Almost ready to close the wing. 9 -  2'x4' panels BID'd for top skins.
Top skins cut to size and bottoms prepped to bond. Other side done too. Transponder antenna set in place.
Slider blocks in and greased. Aileron linkage checked. It is very smooth.  Inspection panel below. Another view.
Nav 2 antenna, (redundant) Pressure relief holes, another view of Nav 2 antenna. Inspection cover.
Other inspection panel and aileron control linkage., FM music antenna. ELT antenna.  Gap filling CA works well.
Wings closed. These little blocks and drywall screws will come off next week. Other wing closed. Cove lay-up.  Peel-plied to keep the edges down.
Low spots filled, cove filled, all corners rounded off for the UNI layers. BID wrapped the counter- weight section. Fuel filler neck ready to bond in.
Spar gap filled. Foam sanded. Read spar trimmed to fit stub wing pocket.
Filling spar/wing. Bond-in nut plates for rear spar (stub wing) Leading edge glassed and peel-plied.
Hard to see, aileron gap lay-up. Wing tip rough cut. Take your kid to work day 2006.
Aileron Gaps - I'm happy. Another shot of aileron gap. Wing tips shaped - not a great photo.
Stub wing prepared for closing. Top skins, prep'd and release tape for access and inspection covers. Stub wings closed, every bit of weight used!
Stub wings closed, then glassed. Wings attached and rear spar attached. Covers for rear spar arm.
Opened up inspection - access panels on stub wings. It worked, and I was able to get the main spar bolt. Wing tip on, flap gap l ready for glass.
Stub wing inspection covers cut filled and shaped. Wing tips glassed. Micro'd part of the wing tips and landing light areas, to prep for smoothing and eventual molds for plexi-glass cut outs.
This side wing root is about done. Detail work on the stub wing, extended a lip around it.