Wings - Finishing

Remove control surfaces and micro filled the wing.  This was easy. Fuselage was put in primer Oct '06. Now it is time to pull the wings and finish the bottoms. Day 1 - Wing removed from plane and lightly scuffed.
Smear on a thin coat of epoxy, then squeegee on micro-paste.  I used a 12" trowel. End Day 1 Day 2, Knock down micro with orbital sander with 50 grit. Mist on light coat of black fast dry paint.
Sand off black guide coat with a home made 48" sanding board and air file, which reveals low spots. Fill low spot with light micro paste. End of Day 2 Day 3,  sand down micro.
Roll on grey filler primer. End of Day 3. Wing 2 - Days 4, 5 and 6 and into primer - I was able to mix 5 lbs of epoxy/micro to spread out the initial layer of micro paste- most of which was sanded off.  2 hours to sand out, and additional 1lb of micro to fill low spots, 2 more hours of sanding. Then an initial coat of primer, sanded down then final coat of primer.   In less than 25 hours of work the bottoms of these wings are in primer.  It is unfortunate that it took this long to acquire the skill to do it so quickly. In think I could get another set done even faster.