Cabin - Doors and Windows
Top view of cabin. Just like hatching an egg. Hop in back.
Right door cut out.  Windshield trimmed. Inside rear section of cabin glassed. 1/2" recessed flange made.  Yes, it looks ugly.
Resulting flanges. Trimmed and core removed  
Filled then 1 BID glass. Top with door openings. Outer foam removed, glass sanded.
Door was glassed, then duct taped to the door opening,  BID was the smoothed out and cured.  Pockets were cut in the top of the door to receive 6 BID for reinforcement, and to make the hinges aligned. Reinforcements cured, and hinge extensions traced onto fuse. Hinges attached to straight edge, then attached to door. The hinges were taped, and 6-32's used to attach to door.
Top side of door.  Prepped for flox and BID over top.  The hinges are permanently bonded to the door. A layer of plastic was left on the BID for release.  Celotex was clamped to assist in giving the BID/flox proper shape. Hinge areas cleaned up and shaped.
Hinges were installed and look fine when opened. Here's a shot from the inside. Rear hinge from the inside.
Problem, since the hinges need to be pointed a each other, the recessed gap is rather big.  This hinge is from Velocity. The other big gap.  These will be redone using a different hinge.  Not sure what at this point. On to the next door - to try a different hinge.  Here it is held in place and glassed from the inside.
Here's the door open. Working on the next door hinge tabs. Released and marked for trimming.  These will be built up on the inside like the other door.
Interior of the door trimmed. Pockets made for next set of hinges. Close-up of pocket.
After a lot of thought, and work- here is the new hinge.  It is self aligning which made it very easy to install. The gap is acceptable,  I'll recess the screws later. Windows cut-outs marked.
Window areas masked,  sanded then micro'd.  These need to be smooth in order to form the Plexiglass. This is the window oven.  Made of 1" Celotex, thick wire and some 1x2, foil tape and a few screws.  I had to also put cardboard over the wire.  The wire left some lines in the first window. Used two heat guns and it was over 275 degrees F in about 10 minutes. Fairly even temps with 10 degrees variance.
I think this will work.  I will  know more after it cools and can see if the area of the window is acceptable. Spread Bondo over window area and sanded smooth. Draped fleece and "t-shirt" material over window blank.
Used the oven and draped the glass over the material.  Then trimmed it with the zip tool and carbide cutter. Made a pattern for the other side. Drilled 4 guide holes, and cut and removed outer skin. 
Used the outer skin as a guide and marked off a line for cutting the inner skin. Glass placed in opening for fitting.  Looks good. Other side made to match.
Another view of window cut outs. Rear windows masked, and scuffed around perimeter. Inner window frames, beveled foam and taped to inner shin to outer skin.
Added a foam to make a frame around the door.  Made patterns with paint mask then cut the sections of foam. Shaped door frame. Close-up of rounded over door frame.
The door was finished and frame glassed.  Then cut the window to size, masked it off, placed it in the door frame and cut the mask. Added some duct tape and sanded the edges. Final result.  Windows bonded in with structural adhesive.
There is a minor wave in the rear window, but the front came out close to perfect. Pilot side door, inside window opening glassed. working on the passenger side door handle.  Removed foam for phenolic insert.
Bonded on phenolic and  assemble Velocity door handle and supplied lock mechanism. Pin tubes cut and bonded. Looks like a door.  Filled and glassed inside of window perimeter.