Cabin - Prep & Closing

windshield1.jpg (37335 bytes)

Windshield in position.  Windshield purchased from Velocity Aircraft.  An XL model.  1/4" Tinted.

BID added to keep the windshield in place. 

Foam inserted and sanded.

Glassed in place. Not as much wind in my face hanger flying now, :).

  Inside view.  Using Celotex to make a pattern and confirm headroom.


Interior space and rough shape. Added foam to increase edge to 1/2". Then blended with other 1/2"in top and sides.. Made flanges around entire cabin.
Flanges around windshield. Still needs trimming, but the flanges will support the 1/2" foam to be added. Flange blended nicely.
Made formers with 1" Celotex, and use 1/2" for stringers, later reinforced with "drop ceiling" angle stock. Added sides, and top foam.  Held in place with "spax" screw nails. Foam added. to front section.
One side in place, lightly sanded then "super glued" together and most of the screws removed for filling.  This shot is kind of ugly,  a big whale.  Needs the windows and doors. This is just inside the windshield.  Used 1" Celotex for bracing to make the compound curves.
This looks a little better with some photo "touch-up." Lot of support added while glass was curing. Finished result.