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1st attempt at hanger flying, a little shaky on take off, but a greaser landing! Definitely side sticks! 10-30-01

Cutting table, 1/16" groove has been very helpful.

My glass rack.

Hanger flying with my family.

 I am actually getting good at these  BID lay-ups.  
Hana - my helper Take your kid to work day 2005.
  Take your kid to work day 2006.  
The garage gave birth. 8/4/2004 Finally ready to move to a hanger in Waukegan, IL.  UGN

Propped up on old 5 gal cans.

The trailer cleared the gear, and we put 2x6's in to hold up the mains.  It was almost too easy. In the hanger.  Thanks Bob and Karl.