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The Vision is a 2 seat, all composite aircraft built from proven construction manuals designed for first time builders.  Two models are available - The sportier SP model and the extended wing EX version which is more suitable for high altitude flying, heavier loads, and low time pilots.  Both versions are supplied with the plans. Construct entirely from the manuals using raw materials or from pre-formed parts which greatly reduce build time.


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The affordable Vision homebuilt aircraft is THE only ALL composite, plans built, 2 seat sport aircraft that uses a conventional - non canard - platform.


Experimental aircraft don't have to be tiny! The Vision is a full-size aircraft and can easily be built to handle even the largest pilots.  Most of the current Visions are being built with 44" to 46" wide cockpits.  Even pilots as tall as  6'5" can be accommodated. 


Cost - The Vision is affordable but is not the cheapest plane around. There are less expensive ways to build an airplane however the Vision plans will allow you to complete an aircraft that is not susceptible to corrosion or dry rot.  With fiberglass and readily available epoxies the entire airframe can be built be for less than $10,000.  With a mid-time Lycoming 0-235/320 and VFR panel you could be in the air for under $30,000.  This is for a new aircraft built the way you want it.


Download the Vision Cost Calculator.


The benefit of plans built aircraft and especially the Vision is that the materials can be purchased over time and according to your budget and speed of completion.


Parts Available! - Many of the custom metal parts are now laser cut and available for purchase - see the on-line catalog for additional details.


Vision - LSA

The Vision was designed in 1994 and at the time the LSA category did not exist.  However to make the Vision fit into the LSA category.  As a home builder you can limit the gross weight by documentation and then limit the top speed with the use of a ground adjustable propeller.  In order to meet the stall requirement a full time leading edge slot would need to be installed.  Assistance is available if you choose to create a Vision LSA.


Additionally, in order to have the most useful load it is critical that the empty weight be as low as possible primarily because the gross weight can not be higher than 1320 lbs to be in the LSA category.  The use of the carbon pre-built spar and Fast build Kit provided by Pro-Composites will greatly reduce the weight of the Vision - beyond what can be obtained through building according to the plans.  Also important is using a light power plant such as the 120 hp Jabiru.  Using these recommended changes a Vision should be in the 700's empty weight.


A Note to Current Plans Holders - If you have lost contact with the Vision community of Builders due an email change and you didn't get the notice - there is a new Vision Google Group!  To be added to the new group list just send a quick note to scott (at) pro-composites.com with your plans number.



A host of builder support is available through an active email list-server.  On-site assistance and workshops are also available.  


Order a set of plans and join the Vision builder community today! Go to the on-line catalog and use your credit card.


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Kitplanes, June 1998

Vision Article

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