Original Vision #1 proto type with SP wing and Stratus converted Subaru EA-81
Proto-type with Vision #2 in back ground
Vision #1 with fresh paint, powered by a Lycoming 0-235.  The proto type was also converted to EX wing and tricycle landing gear.
Steve Rahm testing the new landing gear.
Probably the prettiest Vision,

Sean Ponsonby's Vision #2

A full write up on this plane is available in Kit Planes,  April 1997
Vision #152 completed by Dave Cress
Dave Cress flying Vision #152
Learning to build the Vision begins with the most forgiving and least expensive tasks, building the seat.
Next is to build the Horizontal Stabilizer
As you continue with the your work one task is to periodically take pictures of your work and send it in for evaluation. 
When you are ready to commit, the fuselage will be the next stage. Here foam is sized and temporarily affixed to wood forms. The exterior is fiber glassed and lifted off as one large "canoe."
The "canoe" is set into cradles where bulkheads, firewall and seat are bonded in place. This is a picture of a 4-place coming together
A Vision quick build kit is also available to help get you in the air faster.
Metal parts are also available.

Purchase a set of plans from Steve Rahm and get started on your Vision!

Vision Order Form available by clicking HERE