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Jan 8, 2024

Builders Continiue to build Visions Aircraft around the world. Calvin Thorne Vision #44, is flying and making changes to his Vision.

You can read about it here:



September 2012 - Vision Lycomming conical mount complete, this is for conventional landing gear.






August 2012 - Progress continues on the Vision Kit. There are many aspects of homebuilding an aircraft that can slow you down or bring your project to a screeching halt. For me it has been engine mounts and other welded parts. Below are a few CAD drawings I made which were used in developement of the Vision Engine mount.


If you are considering building a Vision there are fewer obstacles to completing one than when the aircraft was originally designed in 1996, such as a molding cowling, laser cut parts and now various weldments. All these save time and and some save money.


Many continue to ask about the kit. The FAP Vision kit is still in developement though I am considering a beta program of 5 builders. The plan would be to get a least one aircraft flying and then make the kit available to the general public. Someone considering the option must be able to work from the ordiginal plans and understand composite construction.





Here is the jig to assist in welding an engine mount for the Lycoming O-320 conical style. It has a 1.25 degree right offset. The jig will easily allow for a dynafocal mount or alternative engines like the Corvair.



And the completed Jig.



An actual mount to follow.




June 2012 - Cruiser Kit 15 out the door.



December 2011 - Vision Aircraft Parts Catalog ready to download

(Hint: Print it and leave it near loved ones for gift ideas!)

Just click image to download, 5 pages, 165K file.


Vision Parts Catalog 2011





November 2011 - Re-designed Vision Elevator weldment now in stock for Vision Builders. Precision Manufactured. Saves a lot time, meticulous alignment and welding.

See on-line catalog to order.




CAD model



Actual part.





Back to Birmingham for an assist visit. 3 piece CF spar installed


Vision FAP kit with 3pc spar.






8/7/2009 - Can you really make a strong composite structure?  The plans for the Vision show you how.  A test as shown below was conducted this week by the CAA in S. Africa on Pieter Botha's Vision 342, .  This was a 6 g load test at 1250 gross.  The load distribution in not typical which added even more stress to the wings.  Additionally, 200kg was added (440lbs) beyond the 6g load test.  The ailerons were able to move freely throughout the test.   Order a set plans and get started today HERE